Beard folk! I’m looking at you. Your WordPress theme has arrived…

Bearded people everywhere are throwing their axes in the air in joy and quickly regretting the decision to throw an axe in the air. The excitement of finally getting a WordPress theme specifically designed with beards in mind is just too much for some people, and we fully understand.

We have a short youtube clip roughly (bearded folk prefer it rough) outlining how to customise the theme.

Underneath the hood is our superslick framework, hotted up and modified just as a bearded man would have it.

This time around the block (or wool shed, you have a beard after all) we have included options to change the highlights, headers, background and body text colours so you can truly customize this theme to however you want.

We’re not saying that it is a theme for hipsters, just that they might like it. Or at least may have liked it before it was cool.

Download the bearded theme here.


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Super Slick Premium theme is here!

screenshot of super slick wordpress commercial theme

Super slick is our versatile modern theme. It seems more people are looking for a blank-ish canvas for their website. Something with some style built in, but nothing too obtrusive. The idea here is to have three columns, centring the content into a book-page width, making it really readable and great for tablets and smart-phones. As you zoom, the content will centre nicely. The headers are off to the side, offering a very cool look and giving a little more of a magazine look than the boring old top down web-look.

Two built in customisable slide-shows

Change your highlights colour

Watch this clip for more information on customising super slick theme.

Get the Super Slick theme here >>



Tranquil Reflections Premium launched

Many hours of programming and editing have finally delivered us a greatly improved Tranquil Reflections. There has been many people asking for advice on altering aspects of the theme, well ask no longer! You can do it yourself! Just download the premium theme and activate it. Your content will remain but you will have all sorts of improvements.

Improvements and features.

Dynamic built in slideshow on the homepage or every page.

either paginated, auto sliding, using our images and captions or add up to five of your own

Drop down menus

Top level drop down menus, built in using only .css. All you have to do is make a sub page (parent page) and it is automatically added to your menu in a slick drop down.

Add your own logo

Simply upload your logo to the media section of wordpress, copy the URL into the theme options page and viola.

Options options options

this is where the premium version shines, you can customise your website easily

Subtle design improvements and tables removed for slick css

Download the premium version here… for Only $7.

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Getting there

Everything is coming together nicely now after a brief Christmas break. Give us another week and we should have something to offer :)

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Hello world!

Well this website has been a long time coming. We’ve been developing websites for years, slowly getting more knowledge about WordPress. We have so many ideas for themes that we’d like to use in projects but have never had the opportunity to use them. There are also some very nice business theme’s that have been lost thanks to businesses moving on or changing direction that we’d like to share.

Watch this space.

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