Beard folk! I’m looking at you. Your WordPress theme has arrived…

Bearded people everywhere are throwing their axes in the air in joy and quickly regretting the decision to throw an axe in the air. The excitement of finally getting a WordPress theme specifically designed with beards in mind is just too much for some people, and we fully understand.

We have a short youtube clip roughly (bearded folk prefer it rough) outlining how to customise the theme.

Underneath the hood is our superslick framework, hotted up and modified just as a bearded man would have it.

This time around the block (or wool shed, you have a beard after all) we have included options to change the highlights, headers, background and body text colours so you can truly customize this theme to however you want.

We’re not saying that it is a theme for hipsters, just that they might like it. Or at least may have liked it before it was cool.

Download the bearded theme here.


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